Gold Coin Necklace `Seychelles – Ocean Story
Gold Coin Necklace `Seychelles
Seychellen Schmuck  Kette Gold
Gold Coin Necklace `Seychelles

Gold Coin Necklace `Seychelles

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White sands, warm sunsets and a calm ocean - too close to paradise - THE SEYCHELLES

With the golden coin pendant and the embossed coordinates of the Seychelles your favourite islands are always close to you.

The lettering Seychelles and the details of the latitude and longitude surround an image of the islands on the golden coin.

Are you anchored to the Seychelles or do you carry a special experience with you from there?

  • SEYCHELLES 4° 40`S 55° 29`E
  • 18 carat coin
  • Handmade in Germany

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