F A Q – Ocean Story




How long does it take to make a personalized coin?

Once the design has been approved, the coins will be manufactured and shipped within 4 weeks. If a specific date is desired, please contact us and we will try to fulfill your wishes.


What's the size of coins?
We offer our coins in two different sizes: 15mm and 20mm. Please take this information from the product description next to the product.






Wrap a tape measure tightly around your wrist and write the number on the scale where the 0 touches the tape.


Please check the measuring scale after the printout!

Print Measure Tape here

In this video we show how to measure your wrist to get a well fitting bracelet. Due to different shapes of wrists, there can always be deviations. We therefore ask for your understanding. We do our best to make you a perfectly fitting bracelet.



ø4mm Sailing Rope with an anchor of 30 mm length


ø6mm Sailing Rope with an anchor of 38 mm length


Can I return my order?

You can return the goods 14 days after receipt of the order. Please send us the goods in the original packaging to:

Ocean Story c/o Juwelier Krebber
Hindenburgstrasse 73
41061 Moenchengladbach

After the goods have arrived and been checked, you will immediately receive the amount back via the payment method used.


How to clean the anchor bracelet?

To clean the bracelet, please unscrew the anchor and put the bracelet in a small bag, which you can then wash in the washing machine.

Is the anchor bracelet suitable for swimming?

Even salt water doesn't bother the robust sailing rope. It wears out slightly over time, but will hold up.

Is it possible to have the surface of the capsules and the anchor reworked?

We would be happy to rework your bracelet. For this, send us your bracelet and we will remove small scratches and polish your piece of jewelery again so that the bracelet shines in new splendor again.
Please let us know whether it is a women's wrist or a men's wrist. You may be able to compare this to your own wrist. From this, we determine standard lengths that can be adjusted afterwards. 


Is it possible to have purchased items from Ocean Story® also gift-wrapped?

We are also happy to wrap your jewelry as a gift. Please indicate this in the notes when ordering.

How can I change the colors of my bracelet?

Our screw system enables quick and easy replacement. The anchor can be unscrewed and attached to your new favorite color, so you have the option of combining the anchor with several colors. You can find the individual straps without anchors under the category of interchangeable straps in our online shop.

Is it possible to personalize my bracelet?

You can engrave initial on the anchor. This is a popular variation for partner or friendship bracelets to give them a personal touch. These are excluded from the right of withdrawal.



The massive anchors and coins are handcrafted from 925 silver. To protect against tarnishing and for a particularly pure colour, these are finely silver-plated again. Due to its nature, silver can tarnish over time. The anchor can be rubbed with a silver cloth and shines in new splendor. The coins should be cleaned with a silver bath.


Our anchors and coins are handcrafted from 750 gold. This has a particularly intense color and a high gold content.

If you have any further questions, we look forward to hearing from you at info@oceanstory.de