About Ocean Story

About Ocean Story


The young goldsmith Rebecca Anna is behind the Ocean Story label. The enthusiastic water sports enthusiast had the idea of ​​maritime jewellery when she was getting her boat license: "When I think of Ocean Story, I feel the wind on the open sea, freedom, adventure, fun and serenity. My goal is to bring a little ocean feeling into everyday life.” With Ocean Story, Rebecca Anna creates favorite pieces that are characteristic and symbolic of the love for the sea. Each of their customers has a very personal connection to the sea, be it the memory of a special holiday or the anchor as a symbol of loyalty, stability, stability, hope and confidence.

Handmade custom jewellery anchor sailing rope by Ocean Story


How did you come up with the idea for Ocean Story?

On the one hand, I was inspired by the rope as an unprecedented combination of materials in the high-quality jewelery sector and, on the other hand, by the challenge of being able to offer personal pieces of jewellery. For me it is the perfect combination of the Sail Bracelets: a "used look" that reflects memories of a nice holiday, boating or the sea air on the skin and can still be worn like a "treasure" and in combination with clothing and other accessories looks classy. For me, the anchor signals strength and connectedness, which connects me to the sea, no matter where I am.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

For example, do you have a place or a city that you experience as a trendsetter? Good question, the ideas usually come to me at unusual, unforeseeable moments, in places unrelated to the topic. It is then a situation, a color, a feeling that sets the further creative thought process in motion. I then take pen and paper and start drawing wildly. Sometimes I deliberately put the ideas aside for a while, because in the meantime other inspirations can have an influence and maybe even improve the original idea.

What is particularly important to you in the production and materials of your collections?

Quality and pleasure to wear. Ocean Story is jewelry that doesn't disappear into a drawer after a certain period of time. The flexibility of the combination (changeability of the bracelets and combination with new collections) makes the pieces of jewelery timeless and durable. I would never have thought 3 years ago that anchor bracelets would become such a trend. But of course I'm very happy about it.

Your latest collection are coordinate jewels. How did you come up with it and why are the first places Hamburg and Sylt?

Local ties and lifestyle were the key themes. Why Sylt and Hamburg? It's a bit of a favorite vacation spot and the bond between them. The coordinates bring a certain maritime sportiness to the round shape of the coins. Like "Treasures of the Ocean" found on the seabed. The collection makes me dream a little bit of a distant place no matter where I am. Maybe some wanderlust was the reason. Everyone has a favorite place in the world and there is nothing better than being able to carry this place with you at all times.