Coin Necklace `Palma de Mallorca – Ocean Story
Mallorca Münz Kette Gold
Mallorca Münz Kette Gold
Coin Necklace `Palma de Mallorca

Coin Necklace `Palma de Mallorca

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♥ Palma de Mallorca ♥

With the golden coin pendant and the embossed coordinates of Palma de Mallorca your favourite island is always close to you. The lettering Palma de Mallorca as well as the details of the altitude and latitude surround an image of the island on the golden coin.

A sporty, elegant accessory for every occasion, made for men and women alike.

Are you anchored to the island of Mallorca?

  • PALMA DE MALLORCA  N 39° 34` O 2° 39`
  • Coin in 18 carat gold, ø15mm
  • Handmade in Germany

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