Saint-Tropez Gold Coin Bracelet – Ocean Story
Saint Tropez Armband
Saint Tropez Armband
Saint Tropez Armband

Saint-Tropez Gold Coin Bracelet

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Saint-Tropez - the pearl of the Côte d`Azur. Are you in love with the charm of the former fishing village? With the golden coin and the embossed coordinates of Saint-Tropez, the fashionable port city is always very close to you.

The lettering Saint-Tropez, the coordinates and a yacht characterize the golden coin.

Are you anchored in Saint-Tropez?

  • Saint-Tropez   43° 16` N  6° 38` O
  • 18 carat anchor necklace
  • 18 carat pendant
  • Handmade in Germany

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